Facebook Paradise

Odysseus's personal mythology was chronicled in the Odyssey.

We have Facebook.

The mud runs, the boat drinks, the food ,the friends, the hikes, the travels, the shared links, the art. Facebook is the default setting for our daily digital dose of personal mythology.  Gone are the hypnotic sirens wrecking havoc with our intrepid travelers...now we document traffic jams. Gone are the existential struggles in a world ruled by callous and cavalier gods wielding their awesome powers like children in the throws of epic temper tantrums.  Now we have Throw Back Thursday. Oh...I am so unworthy.

The shimmering pornographic sushi presented naked on the plate.  I did not taste it.  Oh I am so unworthy.  The violent pitching 100 foot swells in the North Sea.  I did not witness it.  Oh I am so unworthy.  The fly over Victoria Falls in an ultralight.  I was unavailable.  I am so unworthy. The run around Lake Michigan.  I was to tired that day.  I am so unworthy.

And so it goes...we are the documentarians, the archivists now.  The metaphoric beasts we slay, the adventures bagged, the consumed exotic libations, all the challenges met with great fortitude and steely resolve are all recorded by our neo-Homers.

Warhol was right.  We all get our 15 minutes of fame.  What he did not predict was that they would go on forever.